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February 23, 2000
Contact: Dean Gorder
President, Vector Training Systems
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Canada's First Level 3 Flight Training Device

Winnipeg's Flying Colors Pilot Training to fully integrate FTD in all programs

(Grand Forks, North Dakota) - Vector Training Systems has certified Canada's first ever Level 3 flight training device for Flying Colors Pilot Training, based at Winnipeg International Airport, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Vector Vision FTD simulates Flying Color's new fleet of Diamond Katana DA20-A1 model aircraft.

"Having Canada's first certified Level 3 training device is a very significant advancement for Canadian aviation," said Flying Colors president Michael Gillespie. "We're completely integrating this device into our flight training program. We'll use it for VFR and IFR flight training in our private and commercial pilot license programs and have agreed to provide it to some of the area's regional airlines for IFR currency."

Gillespie says they even use it when they give Young Eagle rides. They do an orientation in the device before they actually fly young people.

Gillespie says Flying Colors is a big believer in flight simulator training at all levels. "We've embraced the concept that we can make better pilots and shorten up the actual flight time by using a flight simulator, whether they can log it or not," Gillespie says. "We're trying to do things the way they should be done, not necessarily the way they always have been done and today that means taking advantage of the technology and the economy of flight training devices."

Gillespie, who came from a marketing background before the aviation business, says that from a marketing point he wants to differentiate his school from the "old paradigm". Whether it's the aircraft, location, or training syllabus, Gillespie says he looks for quality and value that sets him apart from his competition. He says the Level 3 certified Vector Vision FTD is part of the package that gives Flying Colors the edge in quality and marketplace differentiation.

Gillespie says that this strategy is paying off handsomely. Since opening at Winnipeg International last summer, he estimates Flying Colors has captured almost 60 percent of the area's ground school market which is translating into more flying students and a growth rate for the school of 25 percent per month.

"Working with Vector has been a pleasure. They've bent over backwards to help us. It's been delightful," Gillespie says. "They're smart. They know their business and they know flight training."

Vector Training Systems produces model-specific, FAA qualified Level 3 flight training devices. Each device is designed to provide the student with a realistic training environment, which provides a greater transfer of learning for procedures and tasks. The device also provides instructors with integrated multimedia training aids, which turn the device into a virtual classroom when the instructor chooses.

In addition to the Vision line which simulates the Diamond Katana series of aircraft used by Flying Colors Flight Training, Vector also produces the Venture series which simulates Piper Aircraft's single and multi-engine trainer aircraft, the Victory line which simulates Cessna Aircraft trainers and the Vortex series of FTDs which simulates Beechcraft single and multi-engine airplanes.

Vector Training Systems, based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, is a manufacturer of integrated flight training systems for general aviation. VTS has acquired the assets of Luftfarhtstudio Jungwith (JU), Salzburg, Austria, a manufacturer of FTDs. VTS has developed the proven designs of JU and added the flight training curriculum and multimedia training aids for a total training system that meet the needs of the world's top flight training programs at a cost most operators can afford.

More information about the complete line of Vector training devices and services is available online at the company's website ( A downloadable sample of Vector's multimedia tool kit is available on the website. Vector can be reached by e-mail at, by phone at (888) 906-7467 or (701) 775-8830, or by fax at (701) 775-8829.

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